Dr. Connie Kamm

Connie Kamm, Learning for the Future, Educator

Dr. Connie Kamm is the founder and CEO of Kamm Solutions, a company that focuses organizational effectiveness and educator growth. With extensive experience as a leader and teacher at the university, public school, and corporate levels, Dr. Kamm brings a unique blend of real-world experience and international research to her programs.

Dr. Kamm has been active in school reform for over thirty years and has developed keen insights into the spirit of building positive district and school cultures. She is noted for her dynamic process for transforming education through the development and implementation of system-wide continuous learning frameworks at state and district levels.

Dr. Kamm presents to schools and districts internationally. She is the author of programs that have been presented throughout the United States, Canada, South America, and Mexico. Following, are the titles of her most recent presentations and workshops:

  • Being and Leading High-Performance Teams
  • Collaborative Curriculum Design: A Multidisciplinary, Problem/Solution-Based Model 
  • Leading Schools FROM the Emerging Future
  • Transforming Education: Moving from Standardized to Personalized Learning
  • Plan With the Future in Mind
  • Learning in Collaborative Inquiry Teams
  • Grit, Growth, and Formative Learning

Dr. Kamm completed her doctorate in Leadership and Policy. Her dissertation concentrates on teachers’ application of formative learning practices in intercity classrooms.  She also authored several articles on Ohio’s Leadership Development Framework and published a chapter, “Accountability and the Data Team Process,” in Data Teams: The Big Picture. In addition, Dr. Kamm authored a chapter titled “A Framework to Support Successful Leadership” in Activate: A Leader’s Guide to People, Practices, and Processes. She coauthored the second edition of the Common Formative Assessment manual as well as a seminar and manual titled: Engaging Students in Learning: The Formative Process. She also coauthored a Leadership Academy for principals and district leaders anchored on research from scholars throughout the world. Dr. Kamm is currently writing a book titled Leading Schools From an Emerging Future.

One pivotal area of development for Kamm Solutions is in curriculum writing. Kamm Solutions has developed a curriculum model, Collaborative Curriculum Design, that personalizes learning ensuring students’ voice and choice. This problem/solution-based, multidisciplinary PK-12 model is being successfully implemented in school districts throughout the United States.

Most recently, Dr. Kamm and a team of scholars and authors from Kamm Solutions completed a districtwide process titled Ensuring Success that aligns a state’s accountability system with a district’s strategic plan and their policies and practices from the boardroom to the classroom. In addition, Kamm Solutions is also researching and creating publications and seminars on high-performance teams and on student and teacher agency.

Away from work, Dr. Kamm and her husband, Richard, enjoy their five children and thirteen grandchildren. They are enthusiastic about traveling, cooking, hiking, golfing, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Kamm can be reached at 602-524-0282 or at conniekamm@kammsolutions.com.

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