Our Team

Connie Kamm, Ed.D.

CEO, Founder

Dr. Connie Kamm is the founder and CEO of Kamm Solutions. With over thirty years of experience as a leader and teacher at the university, public school, and corporate levels, Connie brings a unique blend of real-world experience and international research to her work with schools, districts, and departments of education. Over the past ten years, Connie has provided over 1,500 professional learning opportunities for educators throughout the United States, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, and Zambia.  Her customized work includes keynotes, workshops, seminars, and individualized coaching sessions. Her topics range from system-wide continuous learning frameworks, to powerful leadership practices, effective collaborative teamwork, dynamic curriculum design, and powerful instructional strategies. Following, are the titles of her most recent sessions:

  • Transforming Education: Moving from Standardized to Personalized Learning
  • The Collaborative Curriculum: A Multidisciplinary, Problem/Solution-Based Model
  • Building a Positive Culture Where All Learners Flourish
  • Systems Change: A Framework for Continuous Districtwide Learning
  • Future-Focused Learning: Grit, Growth, and Formative Instruction

Connie is the author of numerous articles, chapters, manuals, and programs. She completed her doctorate in Leadership and Policy at Arizona State University in the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education.

Away from work, Connie and her husband, Richard, enjoy their five children and thirteen grandchildren. They are also enthusiastic about traveling, hiking, golfing, cooking, reading, and spending time with friends.

Pam Clark, MLS

Director of Operations and Research

Pam Clark has been with Kamm Solutions for over 10 years. She is a key component in keeping the wheels on the bus. In addition to overseeing operations, Pam leads our research team. Pam came to Kamm Solutions with a background in project management and marketing support and analysis. She has her Master’s in Library and Information Studies. Pam has established three corporate libraries, performed competitive and market research and managed industry consultant programs for Tandem Computers, Northern Telecom and Unocal Poco Graphite. When not working, Pam can be found reading, crafting, or somewhere taking photos of nature or people. Pam is very involved in her church, especially with student ministry where she leads the Student Welcome Team and co-leads a group of high school girls.

Gabriel Rshaid, MS

Distinguished Associate

Gabriel Rshaid is the Headmaster of St. Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the oldest bilingual school in the world. A former Board member of ASCD, he is the author of the books Learning for the Future: Rethinking Schools for the 21st Century, The 21st Century Classroom, and From Out of This World: Leadership and Life Lessons from the Space Program. He has presented all over the world on the future of learning and 21st Century Education, as well as conducted numerous workshops, retreats and seminars for educators and administrators. Gabriel has his Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires. He is also a distinguished professional development associate with The Leadership and Learning Center, a Division of HMH Education Services.

Deborah Gonzalez, Ed.D.

Distinguished Associate

Deborah began her professional career as an elementary teacher in Tacoma, Washington working with a diverse population of students. Seeing the amazing potential of every student and the strong desire of families to see their children succeed, inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in program evaluation for special populations at the University of Washington. Deborah worked to help build the first year-round learning model in the district and served on math curriculum committees at the district and then state level. Her work in the classroom and district soon led to her becoming a statewide teacher trainer for the new Washington State assessment system where she got to work with a variety of schools across the state and began working in the policy world of statewide, standards-based educational assessments.

As the Assistant Superintendent for K-12 Services with the Puget Sound Educational Service District, Deborah worked directly with schools to establish collaborative learning teams to improve educational outcomes for students for schools in improvement status. Her work and scholarship provided great opportunities to develop collaborative models for student success in performance assessment, school improvement, and teacher leadership. Deborah was able to present on these models nationally and internationally and went on to earn her doctorate from the University of Washington.

After four years as the Assistant Superintendent for Phoenix Union High school District, Deborah served as the Chief Academic and Innovations Officer at ASU Preparatory Academies, a network of innovative public charter schools. She provided leadership and direction to ASU Prep by leading teams to design innovative programs that transformed educational outcomes for all students. Results include three graduation cohorts of 100% and post-secondary acceptance rates of 100% in a school with 67% poverty, 72% second-language learners, and over 80% first generation college-goers. They also include turning a failing elementary school (as deemed by the state accountability system) to a B school in two years.

Deborah spends her free time putting her Desert Landscape Architecture certification to work designing outdoor spaces. She also loves hiking around the Phoenix Mountains with her husband Bill and their two dogs, Dala and Lozen.

Tremain Nelson, M.Ed.

Distinguished Associate

Tremain has a passion for education that has been apparent through his service as a teacher administrator, and educational consultant in the K-12 community for over 15 years. As a teacher, he worked closely with low-income high school math students that were “repeat-repeaters” – taking Algebra for the second and sometimes third time.  During his teaching career he was able to build relationships and incorporate research-based instructional strategies that resulted in superior state exam pass rates with his students year after year. His classroom was featured on Annenberg’s Insights into Algebra Workshop Series and is still in use as a professional development opportunity for teachers who want to improve their instructional practice. 

As an administrator Tremain worked closely with the instructional leadership team and teaching staff to ensure high quality instructional preparation and delivery occurred every day. He oversaw compliance with campus, district, state, and federal policies, as well as monitored the success of instructional programs and other campus goals. Tremain has developed and coordinated the selection of appropriate programs and strategies, such as RTI, pull-outs, before/after school tutorials, Saturday Academy, SSI, Title I, Data Teams, New Teacher Induction, staff development, and the acquisition of teacher resources. As an educational consultant, Tremain has provided professional development services that resulted in improved student achievement, instructional practices, and leadership decisions in the areas of K-12 Mathematics, Data Driven Instruction, Standards, Assessments, and Research-Based Instructional Practices and Leadership for school districts in Texas, California, Hawaii, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and more.

Outside of public education, Tremain has worked as a Systems Engineer for Lockheed Martin at NASA’s Johnson Space Center responsible for monitoring workstation telemetry between the Mission Control Center and the International Space Station.  His previous work as an engineer fuels his current passion for the integration of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics into the K-12 curriculum.  To this end, he has assisted districts across the country in their pursuit of designing curriculum based on 21st century learning skills, project-based learning, and formative assessments.

Bonnie Bell, Ph.D.

Distinguished Associate

Dr. Bonnie Bell is an educational consultant and former Superintendent of Schools with in southern California. Her professional experience in several school districts has spanned 34 years.  She has served as a classroom teacher, district mentor, categorical coordinator, county consultant, as well as a site and district administrator.  She has worked in both diverse and academically challenging situations, as well as in high socio-economic areas.  With her years of experience in the instructional field and through serving in a multitude of capacities, Dr. Bell brings a wide and varied range of educational experiences to support student learning.

Dr. Bell’s recent work has been supporting school districts with the implementation of the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Additionally, she has facilitated and designed strategic plans that align with California’s Local Control Accountability Plan. Her passion revolves around planning for systemic reform initiatives. As such, she has successfully led leadership teams in closing achievement gaps. In 2014, Education Trust West released its annual District Report Cards, grading and ranking California’s largest unified districts on academic and college readiness for low-income, Latino, and African-American students. Dr. Bell’s district rose from 48th to 3rd in the State during her four-year tenure with them. Additionally, a 2015 research report highlighted the top eleven school districts in California that have closed the achievement gap for English Learners. Again, Dr. Bell’s work was highlighted.

Dr. Bell has also worked at the county and state levels, serving as county facilitator and trainer for several textbook adoptions and the State Mathematics Framework initiatives. In addition, she has worked collaboratively with the educational researcher, Doug Reeves, as a Professional Development Associate and has co-authored Navigating Implementation of the Common Core State Standards. In her capacity as a Professional Development Associate, she has provided professional learning to districts throughout the United States. Three years ago, Dr. Bell expanded her trainings to assist educators on an international level to support schools throughout China on building “21st Century Learning Skills.”

Dr. Bell believes that with the exciting opportunities facing the educational community today, school leaders must create educational organizations that are student-centered, improvement-oriented, rigorous, goal-driven, and innovative.  In order to accomplish this, staff needs ongoing support and guidance. Her focus on educational initiatives has earned schools and districts under her leadership the prestigious National Blue Ribbon, Distinguished School, Title I High Achieving School, Gold Ribbon, the Business Council Educational Excellence, and the School Board Association’s Golden Bell awards.

Gloria Johnston, Kamm Solutions

Gloria Johnston, Ph.D.

Distinguished Associate

Dr. Gloria L. Johnston has devoted over 40 years to a career in public education. She currently coaches, mentors and facilitates professional development for superintendents, school boards and central office administrators. Her work with school boards includes superintendent performance evaluations; strategic planning including vision, mission, core values and strategic goals; development of board meeting norms and behavior protocols; and board self-evaluations and goal setting. The primary focus of her work is on systemic strategies that lead to improving student achievement and closing the achievement gap. Her years of service in prekindergarten through university included roles as a classroom teacher, principal, central office administrator, university professor and dean, and fourteen years as a superintendent of schools. She has served in urban, suburban, and rural school districts in Illinois, California and Caracas, Venezuela.

Throughout her career, Gloria has been and continues to be an invited speaker at local, state and national professional conferences. She has served on state and national educational and research panels and committees, and has been awarded major professional development grants. She has also served on community boards, with civic groups and currently facilitates and participates in several superintendent professional organizations.

She is coauthor of three books, “Eight at the Top: A View Inside Public Education”, a collection of stories about the work of school district superintendents, “Effective Superintendent-School Board Practices: Strategies for Developing and Maintaining Good Relationships With Your Board”, a practical, experience-based look at the most important role the superintendent has in leading a school district, and “The Superintendent’s Planner: A Monthly Guide and Reflective Journal”, a yearlong look at the work of the superintendent in managing the day-to-day operations of the school district.

Dr. Johnston earned her PhD in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Illinois at Chicago, her MS in Bilingual/Bicultural Education and her BS in Humanities (magna cum laude) from Northern Illinois University and her AA from Elgin Community College.

She currently lives in San Diego, California, close to her two children, three grandchildren and the beach.

Sandra Kitts, Ph.D.

Distinguished Associate

Sandra’s passion is to support education and business organizations to build internal capacity to address change. Sandra is a veteran educator with experience as a teacher, school principal and Superintendent of Learning K-12. Sandra was responsible for all levels of learning related to students, teachers, senior school and district administrators and the board of education. This included design and implementation of curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation as well as all aspects of classroom, school and district management, performance and accountability.

Sandra has experience consulting & presenting in several American states and Canadian provinces. She has a PhD in leadership and several certifications: Data Teams; Data-Based Decision-Making; Common Formative Assessments; Rigorous Curriculum Design; Learning Design; Foundations of Rigor, Relevance & Engagement; Governance, Positive Psychology and Coaching. Her expertise is in aligning and making actionable curriculum standards, instruction and assessment.

Sandra is presently learning with a Harvard professor and LA company CEO to implement a breakthrough model called, Deliberately Developmental Organizations, where businesses shift their structure and culture to continuously develop everyone as part of daily work. It is meeting great success socially and economically.

Sandra is an experienced, deep thinking individual, who translates research-based practices into practical applications. She supports organizations as they address disruptive current realities that are challenging organizations across the world.

Cheri Lovre

Distinguished Associate

Cheri Lovre has forty years of experience in helping people cope with school tragedies and catastrophic events. Her support to schools includes prevention, training of crisis response teams (“Flight Teams” – those who fly to meet the needs of another building immediately), and response to many catastrophic events. Some of Cheri’s school shooting responses include Thurston High, 1998; Columbine, 1999; Nickel Mines Amish School shooting, 2004; Marylsville Pilchuck, 2014 and many others.

Cheri also worked with 27 schools that fled Ground Zero on 9/11. She lived in NYC and provided ongoing follow-up for two years after that attack. In addition, Cheri responded internationally to natural disasters, including spending two weeks in the war zone of Trincomalee following the tsunami of 2004, where she donated her time to help 104 surviving orphans find the courage to return to their cottages on the beach and to resume usual activities, including attending school and coping with the ongoing effects of living with war.

Cheri has published eleven books and manuals on the following topics: school crisis response, working with youth following trauma, media relations for schools during crisis and more.

Cheri places high value on the importance of integrating self-care into the lives of those who work with crisis. Her own dedication to that includes meditation, yoga, music, distance cycling, kayaking, playful days with grandchildren and travel. She is a true North Westerner, living in Portland and escaping to Orcas Island as often as possible.

Michael L. O’Neill, Ph.D.

Distinguished Associate

Dr. Michael L. O’Neill has devoted more than 30 years to a career in education.  His years of service in prekindergarten through college include roles in teaching, District office service, county instructional leadership, and state level instructional leadership.  He has worked in urban, suburban, and rural districts throughout California and across the United States.  His research and work have formed the basis for a number of curriculum guides; school board vision, mission, core values, and strategic goals documents; and educational articles. 

Michael’s speaking, through keynote speeches, lectures, and workshops has taken place both here in the United States and internationally.  His work has led schools and districts to great leaps in student achievement and earned districts and programs recognition and awards.

An early background in the arts and later work for the Education Branch of the Los Angeles Music Center Association continues to give life and universal appeal to the curriculum design process he uses and to his positive relationships with schools, districts, counties and state agencies.  His work in research, delivery, and leadership with the California State Leadership Association helped develop statewide leadership expectations in areas from culture and climate to systems thinking.

Dee Ann Spencer, Ph.D.

Distinguished Associate

Dr. Dee Ann Spencer, a Senior Research Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers’ College at Arizona State University and Educational Consultant, has conducted research in schools for over 40 years after receiving her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Missouri. Since going to ASU in 1989, she has conducted program evaluations (using both qualitative and quantitative research methods) supported by various funding sources such as the U.S.D.O.E. Title Programs, Technology Innovation Challenge grants, Teaching American History grants, Teacher Quality Enhancement grants, and Teacher Incentive Funds (TIF) grants. Dee Ann has also reviewed several NSF grants, which have concentrated on school-wide, school district, and university reforms; innovative strategies for developing school management systems; strategies for teacher and administrator professional development; the implementation of mentor-coaching models; the implementation of new instructional strategies for increasing students’ American History, literacy, mathematics and science knowledge and skills; identifying barrier and supports to girls choosing STEM careers; a focus on ELL students; and the effects on teachers and students of introducing technology in classrooms.

Lynn Howard

Distinguished Associate

Lynn Howard is an author of four books, the most recent being Supporting New Teachers: A How-to Guide for Leaders to be published by Corwin in fall of 2015. She worked in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System for over 30 years as a middle grades science and math teacher, coordinator of the gifted program, and a K- 12 Regional Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.   She designed a K-12 systemic school improvement program, developed differentiated instructional modules, worked with the principal’s leadership program, and implemented a new teacher support process. Lynn has taught graduate courses in gifted education, written and implemented K-12 curriculum units and presented science, math and literacy seminars across the United States and internationally for schools and universities. She is also a Senior Professional Development Associate with The Leadership and Learning Center.  Lynn holds a Master’s of Earth Science and Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is also a senior professional development associate with The Leadership and Learning Center, a Division of HMH Education Services.

Linda Gregg, Educator

Linda Gregg, Ed.D.

Distinguished Associate

Dr. Linda A. Gregg is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Teachers’ Academy. She is the author of Response to Instructional Strategies and Interventions: Scenarios for K-12 Educators and has contributed chapters in several books.

Her career has extended over 30 years as a classroom teacher, principal, associate superintendent of federal programs, director of special education, nonpublic school specialist, associate professor and school improvement coach. She is very resourceful and helps teachers use a variety of powerful instructional practices to engage and motivate students all over the world. Dr. Gregg completed her undergraduate work at UCLA and received her doctorate at Nova Southeastern University. She holds credentials in general education, special education, school administration and TESOL. She has received several awards for her work. She is friendly, creative, knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of all students and educators. Dr. Gregg has a passion for educational technology and enjoys using research-based practices to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners.

Nan Ross

Writer, Copy Editor

Nan Ross discovered her vocation at age 15 in a Phoenix high school journalism class and by working after school and summers for a weekly newspaper. That started a 50-year multifaceted career in journalism and communications. After earning a journalism degree at Arizona State University, Nan was a reporter and section editor for a small daily newspaper and worked as an information officer for two school districts. She was an internal communications specialist for an aerospace corporation and the communications director for two dioceses of The Episcopal Church.  Now an Atlanta resident and living at a much slower pace, Nan enjoys copyediting and photography, traveling, volunteering with her church, and polishing her Facebook skills. Most of all, she loves spending as much time as possible with her three grandchildren, her two grown daughters, and a graceful circle of friends.

Jayne Rogers, M.Ed.

Researcher and Writer

Jayne spent a decade teaching high school students various subjects in English ranging from literature to composition. She also taught English at Mesa Community College and education methods courses at University of Phoenix. She has a B.A. in Secondary English Education and an M.A. in English Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University. Besides working with Kamm Solutions, Jayne is currently co-writing a memoir about abuse, loss, healing and hope, as well as pseudo-effectively managing the chaos of four children along side her husband.

Joe Brown, MBA

Distinguished Associate

Joe Brown has a unique and eclectic educational background. He has always loved helping people, which led to his Master of Divinity degree (M.Div.). He used this education in his early career as a youth counselor for a government program helping young people to complete their education and obtain job training. Later, as a successful executive in the commercial real estate property management field, Joe continued to help others by promoting and encouraging the personal and professional growth of his staff members.

For his own personal and professional goals, Joe earned his Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from Arizona State University while managing, over the years, almost all of the Westcor/Macerich malls in the Phoenix metro area. He later transferred these skills to a consulting business, where he offers clients assistance and mentoring in the achievement of team building, healthy work/life balance, career development, conflict resolution skills and stress management strategies in the workplace.

Joe has an affirming and easy-going approach to relationships, which has earned him a reputation as being a strong, team player who works hard and encourages others to do so, as well. Joe has recently been a volunteer with Hospice of the Valley and Circle the City, two non-profit organizations that have greatly appreciated his expertise and support.

Joe enjoys hiking and bike riding with his wife, Kathy, and together they enjoy the delights of family and good friends.

Kathy Brown, MC

Distinguished Associate

Kathy Brown began her professional career as a secondary education English teacher. Seeing the need to help those students who were not experiencing success, she began to work with the “at risk” student population, where she created and conducted classes to help students survive and eventually thrive in the high school environment. This experience inspired her decision to earn a Master of Counseling degree (MC) from Arizona State University. Hired as a high school counselor, she worked with the student body, dealing with every day issues and problems faced by of teens and their parents. In addition, she focused on personal and academic goal setting, vocational choices, college scholarships, and performance issues with high school athletes.

Kathy was then offered an opportunity to work as a counselor at Chandler Gilbert Community College for the Nursing Program. The student population was comprised of adults, many of whom were returning to an educational setting for the first time in many years. In addition to assisting in helping students with academic challenges, Kathy provided personal support for the many challenges facing adult students, such as finances, family and relationship issues, conflicts with faculty and other students, and various other life issues that impact the ability of students to be successful in the demanding field of nursing.

One of Kathy’s lifelong passions has been the integration of mental, emotional, nutritional and physical fitness. In addition to her Master of Counseling degree, she has earned both the Personal Trainer and Health Coach Certifications from the American Council on Exercise. In addition, she completed the year long course from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, earning the designation of Certified Holistic Health Coach. She plans to share her knowledge and experience to help others find their own personal, unique pathway to a happier, healthier and more productive way of life.

This year Kathy will celebrate 40 years of marriage to her husband, Joe. They have two children and four grandchildren. In addition, she and Joe have several wonderful friends who have been great sources of joy, support, fun and delight to add to their happiness.

Jaime Anderson, Ph.D.

Distinguished Associate

Dr. Jaime Anderson has been in education for over eighteen years and has a wide range of experience within small and large school districts. Jaime brings a multitude of skills due to her experiences in K-12 education, including high school English teacher; junior high and high school administrator on campuses with diverse school cultures and communities; and district office administrator.

Through Jaime’s work with a myriad of teams varying from teachers, administrators, district-level administrators, county-level personnel, post-secondary institutions, business and community members, she has expertise as a facilitator and coach helping groups build relationships in order to lay the foundation for sustainable, positive change.

Jaime earned her doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Her dissertation focuses on how school superintendents cultivate a culture of trust within their districts.  Also, Jaime earned National Board Certification for Adolescence and Adulthood/English-Language Arts, and has two Masters’ degrees in Education and Educational Management.

Jaime has an extensive background in high school pathway development efforts, including building course sequence development, integrating core subject courses with career technical education courses, and developing work-based learning and student internship opportunities as well as teacher-externships for school districts.  Also, Jaime has experience in pathway development that includes articulation with post-secondary institutions.

Jaime balances work and her personal life by spending most of her free time with her children. They particularly enjoy playing sports, hiking, and cooking. Jaime is also enthusiastic about running, painting, and spending time with family and friends

Lauryn Wild, M.Ed.

Distinguished Associate

Lauryn Wild currently works with the San Bernardino City Unified School District as a Curriculum Program Specialist serving nineteen middle and high schools with a focus on English language arts and literacy. In addition, she is also serving a 4-year term (2012-2016) as a Commissioner for the California Instructional Quality Commission. This association has allowed her to work with the creation of curriculum frameworks for ELA, math and social studies in addition to providing insight and support on California’s CCSS implementation process. She also spent time teaching abroad in Bangkok, Thailand, where she was able to combine her passions for travel, education, teaching English learners and adventure. Lauryn holds elementary and a secondary credentials from California, and has previously taught grades 4-8 and 12 in the areas of English and social studies. She also served as a middle school site instructional coach before working with the district office in her current role. She is currently finishing a Masters and credential in Educational Administration. Lauryn is also a professional development associate with The Leadership and Learning Center, a Division of HMH Education Services.

Josephine Peyton Marsh

Distinguished Associate

Josephine Peyton Marsh is Associate Professor of Literacy Education in Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.  She received her Ph. D. from the University of Georgia in Reading Education in 1998 after over a decade of teaching literacy to students in grades 5-12. Dr. Marsh currently teaches graduate literacy education courses and mentors doctoral students.  In addition to her university responsibilities, for the last 19 years, Dr. Marsh has worked with teachers in a number of school districts to help them learn about literacy instruction and the infusion of researched-based literacy practices into subject area teaching.  She also worked with teachers to improve their classroom-based reading and writing instruction.  These experiences helped her learn how to engage teachers and administrators in professional learning that involves collaboration, discussion, problem-solving, and practitioner inquiry and research.

From 2010-2016, Josephine Marsh had a unique and very rewarding opportunity to serve as the professor in residence for ASU Preparatory Academies, a K-12 charter school network sponsored by Arizona State University.  This experience provided her an opportunity to hang-out in two schools—one urban, one suburban.  She was fully embedded in the schools as the school ethnographer, professional developer, and literacy coach (and for a short time 9th grade literacy teacher!).  Dr. Marsh reported to school daily, observed in classrooms, attended leadership and faculty meetings, and conducted literacy professional development on a just-in-time or as-needed basis.  She learned that the best professional learning takes place when it is needed and in collaborative environments of mutual respect.

Dr. Marsh also facilitated weekly literacy cluster meeting where small groups of teachers worked together to develop and refine literacy instruction to meet the needs of all K-12 students. During these meetings, she assisted teachers and teacher leaders as they identified and worked to solve emerging literacy-related problems of practice—sometimes through observation and discussion; sometimes through practitioner inquiry and action research.   These meetings built upon her previous long-term consulting work in the Chandler Unified School District (2002-2012) in which teacher representatives from all their secondary schools and content areas met with her regularly as a literacy council to develop and plan content literacy professional development for all secondary teachers.

Dr. Josephine Marsh’s past research interests include adolescent literacy and issues related to gender, identity, and literacy.  Her current research focuses on school transformation and how teachers, administrators, students, and parents work together to create schools that prepare students for college and career success.  In particular, her research concentrates on just-in-time literacy professional development, innovative literacy practice and instruction, literacy communities of practice, literacy teacher mentors, and student engagement.   Dr. Josephine Marsh’s recent publications focus on her current work at ASU Preparatory Academy.

Recent publications

Marsh, J. P., Krauter, D., Pelotte, L. (2014) Coaching and growing literacy communities of practice.  In

K.A. Hinchman & H. Sheridan-Thomas (Eds.).  Best Practices in Adolescent Literacy NY:  Guilford Press.

Marsh, J. P. (2013).  My time as a professor in residence:  Lessons learned.  Journal of Adolescent and      Adult Literacy, 56(8), 617-622.

Marsh, J. P. (2014, February). Hanging out at ASU Preparatory Academies:  What one university

researcher is learning from conducting real-time research in schools.  Equity Alliance Blog,


Skip Wilkins

Distinguished Associate

Skip Wilkins is a distinguished associate for Kamm Solutions and President of Integrated Performance Systems, and consultant to a diversity of business, government, service, healthcare, and education clients.  His specialty is in maximizing individual and team performance as well as increasing overall organizational effectiveness.  He brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of leadership, organizational development, performance improvement, and human resource development.

Skip served 10 years with the Edge Learning Institute, an international consulting firm specializing in teaching applied techniques for increasing personal and organizational effectiveness.

Prior to Edge, he served 17 years with the Salt River Project, a major utility in Phoenix, AZ.  As an executive in Human Resources, his responsibilities included; Staffing & Recruiting, Corporate Learning  & Development, Employee Relations, Performance Management,  AA/EEOC,  Organizational Development, and Employee Health Services.  He was responsible for a staff of 90, a budget of over three million dollars, and overseeing the performance of 6,000 employees.

In 2007, Skip co-founded the Wilkins Learning Corporation with his wife and two daughters.  It provides educational opportunities through the Wilkins Learning Center.  Currently, the Center serves approximately 150 children and has a staff of 45 teacher and childcare professionals.  The Center has been honored the last three consecutive years to have been voted #1, “Best of 2014,”  “Best of 2015,” and “Best of 2016” in Gilbert for both its childcare and preschool programs.  You can see the Center by going to www.wilkinslearningcenter.com

Skip holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has completed all course work and comprehensive exams in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Sandy Juniper

Distinguished Associate

Sandy Juniper, M.Ed. has a unique background with thirty-five years as a high school and community college English teacher, journalism instructor, department chairperson, School Improvement Team member, Instructional Coach, and Teaching and Learning Specialist, which have earned her multiple teaching awards.  In addition, she has also had experience as a sales professional, entrepreneur, textbook writer, and Life Coach.  This diverse background has founded her ability to build relationships, foster teacher growth and development, and build nationally recognized, innovative programs in both schools and the corporate world.  Academic research and targeted professional growth have been key to her ability to find success with high school and community college students in varying socio-economic settings and with students at all academic levels.  In particular, she brings a strong history of developing successful strategies to assist credit recovery students in finding success and in building deficit skills and increasing motivation for learning.  Two key areas of interest for Sandy have been the implementation of growth mindset strategies and mindfulness practices for both teachers and students.  Her experiences as a credentialed teacher evaluator, Instructional Coach, Race to the Top Transformational Team member, and College and Career Readiness Specialist in both Ohio and Arizona have made her adept at not only seeing the larger picture, but also diagnosing areas of needs and designing targeted paths of growth.

Sandy earned her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University, her Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education from the University of Cincinnati, and over sixty additional hours primarily  in instructional strategies and the art of teaching from The Ohio State University, the University of Dayton, Ashland University, and more.

Brian Hardy

Marketing & Web Development

Brian Hardy, owner of FizzPop Media, a full-service marketing and advertising agency providing web and graphic design to businesses of all sizes from planning and strategy to design and creation. A life-long entrepreneur, Brian started his first design and marketing company at the age of 18 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Among the businesses that Brian has successfully owned and operated are a trade show exhibit house, a full-service sign company and a fully-automated printing company. Wanting to experiment with a new business concept, he created FizzPop Media, a completely unique marketing agency helping companies get Explosive Results. One of Brian’s goals was recently realized: expand into a new office that would result in a great collaboration center for creativity. Coming together with Plain English Technologies and Say It Better has done just that.