Maximizing Growth Through Evaluation

The intent of an evaluation system is to support individual continuous growth. Too often, evaluation systems become a meaningless, often dreaded exercise. There is tension for the person being evaluated as well as a time drain for the evaluator. Very little growth occurs as a result. In the strongest evaluation systems for teachers and administrators, there is a clear rubric anchored in research that captures in words the best practices for teaching and leading. Strong rubrics are critical to this process. They communicate the path to professional excellence. In order to ensure that evaluation systems are actually focused on continuous improvement and growth, it is imperative that a professional growth plan is the core. Through a series of dialogues about the contents in the professional growth plan, each professional is nurtured and encouraged to improve.

Arkansas’ Aligned Evaluation Systems

Kamm Solutions worked with outstanding leaders in education from the Arkansas Department of Education, from a variety of Arkansas school districts, and from Arkansas Colleges and Universities to align their teacher and administrator evaluation systems. Although the rubrics in these systems differ, the process is very similar. Click on the following links to learn more about  LEADS (Leader Excellence and Development System) as well as the new Arkansas Superintendents’ Evaluation System.

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