Creating a Continuous Learning Framework

A Continuous Learning Framework, sometimes referred to as a Comprehensive Accountability Framework, is a system-wide, strategic plan of practices that builds regenerative communities and transforms district cultures. This customized framework is anchored on the vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategies of an organization but goes much, much deeper. Through a Continuous Learning Framework, all members of an organization are connected in cycles of deep implementation and continuous improvement that guarantee results. The explanations and interviews below will provide some information about how school districts and states are developing, implementing, and sustaining their Continuous Learning Frameworks.


A Diagram of a Comprehensive Learning Framework

This video includes an explanation of a Comprehensive Learning Framework as well as an interview with two district leaders who have successfully  implemented their frameworks.

Downloadable Digital Resources

Our team has put together resources about a Continuous Learning Framework. Please contact Kamm Solutions if you have questions about a framework for your district or state.

The following testimonies and articles are from a variety of districts who have created and implemented a Continuous Learning Framework (see video in following section):

Each district creates a diagram of their customized framework. Following are two sample diagrams:

Implementing initiatives is sometimes a challenge. Consider the components of the following implementation rubric from Engaging Students in Learning as you move forward with your work. These practices are supported during the development and implementation of a Continuous Learning Framework.


This video was made by the stellar educators who served on the Comprehensive Learning framework Design Team. Together, they wrote a Comprehensive Learning Framework to guide their district.


This is a draft of the Montebello Unified School Districts’ (2013) Comprehensive Learning Framework. This impressive document was composed by the members of their Design Team after many months of meetings and a great deal of research.

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