Most Popular Programs for System Success

Designing and Implementing a Continuous Learning Framework

A Continuous Learning Framework is a strategic plan of practices. This framework aligns all district initiatives and practices with district-wide goals and objectives to ensure greater system success.

Implementing an Effective Evaluation System

Evaluation should be at the heart of a positive, supportive dialogue of continuous growth. This program provides processes and practical tools for educators to use to maximize the benefits of the evaluation process.

Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

This interactive program concentrates on the implementation of collaborative teams that engage in inquiry and dialogue resulting in improved practices and deeper student learning.

Support and Guidance for Lowest Performing Schools

Kamm Solutions provides an array of powerful programs to guide and support State and Local Education Agencies in their comprehensive improvement process for the lowest-performing schools.

Building Evidence from Data for Better Decisions

Take command of your district’s vital signs using visual methods of analysis. Our program enables you to discover patterns in your data, develop ideas about what those patterns mean, and put those ideas into action.

Collaborative Improvement Process

This process carefully and thoroughly guides districts and schools through an improvement process that ensures improvement. From a needs analysis through an action plan, implementation, monitoring, and parent and community engagement, this process guarantees results.

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