Inspiring School Improvement

Most school improvement efforts are anchored on well-planned templates that organize data collection and analysis; guide the establishment of goals, strategies, and action steps for improvement; and encourage continuous data collection to monitor the impact of the strategies. See the plan-on-a-page at the bottom of this section. These templates guide important school improvement actions. However, for school improvement efforts to be fully realized, schools must also establish a positive culture that inspires deep learning and stimulates continuous growth for all.

The following attributes are evident in positive school cultures where school improvement efforts are the most successful:

  • Students are motivated to learn and are given multiple opportunities for success in an environment that is encouraging and not punitive.
  • Students are given a voice in school improvement efforts and participate enthusiastically school activities and events.
  • Staff members are highly motivated, innovative, cooperative, and collaborative.
  • Staff members are adaptable to change and quickly resolve conflict.
  • Leaders are trustworthy, supportive, and inspire trust in others.
  • Leadership is shared by administrators, teachers, students, parents, and members of the larger community.
  • Parents and other members of the community feel welcome and are deeply engaged in supporting the school.

There are specific actions that leaders and school communities can take to build a thriving school culture and ensure the success of school improvement efforts. Each of the pages on the Kamm Solutions Website includes vital information for educators who seek to improve their schools. In addition, the following resources are also selected to guide leaders as they work to inspire continuous school improvement.

School Improvement in a Collaborative Culture

As the school in the video pursued improvement, they learned how to ensure their students’ success. View the following slides to see the result of their efforts on improved learning for students in math: Slides About Math Success

Downloadable Digital Resources

Our team has built the following guide to provide you with the resources that you and all educators will need as our community embraces the formative cycle of teaching and learning.

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