About Kamm Solutions

At Kamm Solutions, our goal is to provide customized seminars, workshops, keynotes, leadership retreats, coaching opportunities, on-line learning, and professional learning materials to meet the needs of schools and districts. Our team of leading experts in education combines talent and experience to support educators and school board members in the vitally important work of preparing our children for the future.

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Today’s students are no longer served well by the old model where the teacher is the sole repository and administrator of knowledge following a school curriculum that heavily concentrates primarily on content. F

Future-focused learning requires students to be leaders of their own learning, educators to be scholars and activators of learning, and systems to embrace a culture of continuous growth. To support this transformation, our website is structured around three topics: Teaching, Leading, and System Success. Each of these areas contains free resources to download and is supported by an array of professional learning opportunities.

Connie Kamm

Dr. Connie Kamm is the founder and CEO of Kamm Solutions, a company that focuses on organizational effectiveness. Dr. Kamm is noted for her transformative, system-wide framework for learning.