Most Popular Programs on Leading

Creating a Positive School Culture

The culture of a school determines its impact on learning for both students and educators. In schools with positive learning cultures, growth for all is maximized.

Building Trust in Your Schools

This program provides the guidelines for developing and sustaining a trust-based culture.

Collaborative Inquiry Teams

This interactive program concentrates on the implementation of collaborative teams that engage in inquiry and dialogue resulting in improved practices and deeper student learning.

Effective Instructional Leadership

This highly interactive session provides educators with effective practices and processes to becoming effective instructional leaders.

Building Shared Leadership

In strong organizations leadership is shared by many stakeholders. This highly engaging program focuses on the whys and hows of effective shared leadership.

Improving Your Schools

This dynamic program teaches educators how to successfully create, implement, and sustain school improvement initiatives.

Professional Learning – From Knowledge to Implementation

In order to move educators from knowledge in a selected area to actual school and classroom implementation, professional learning opportunities need to include time for application and peer-to-peer modeling, dialogue, and feedback.

Resolving Conflict

In any organization, conflict is inevitable. In this program, participants learn how to manage conflict and ensure more positive outcomes and results.

Requesting and Responding to Stakeholder Perspectives

When running any organization, it is imperative that the perceptions and suggestions of all stakeholders be heard, acknowledged, and acted upon in order to build a strong and effective culture.