Creating a Positive School Culture

Description: Working together to build a positive school culture yields many desirable outcomes for students and educators. For students, a positive culture leads to a stronger connection to the school, greater academic motivation, deeper empathy for others, and fewer risky and impulsive behaviors. For educators, a positive school culture yields less burnout and greater authenticity and retention, more openness to innovation, increased productivity, and stronger camaraderie among colleagues and with students. In this engaging and interactive program, participants will

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the depth of school culture–its origins and underlying assumptions.
  • Learn the building blocks for establishing a positive school culture.
  • Explore effective ways to engage the community with the life of the school.
  • Examine the components for building a trusting environment.
  • Discover effective practices for developing teacher leadership.
  • Design action plans for building a more positive school culture.

A positive school culture allows teachers and administrators to engage in high quality relationships with one another, to see their work as meaningful, and to share and actualize a collective future-focused vision for the school. As a result, students feel safe and understood and have the space to grow in their learning experiences and perform at their optimum levels.

Format: Keynote, seminars, workshops, webinars, individual and team coaching, and customized learning opportunities designed to support and enhance current district/school programs and structures related to this topic.

Participants: District and school administrators, PK-12 teacher leaders, parents, community members, students

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