Building Shared Leadership

Description: Powerful positive change occurs in schools and districts when leadership is shared. In this program, leaders will understand their responsibilities and their important role in building partnerships for leading and improving an educational organization. Participants will learn how to empower others to become leaders who collectively take responsibility for the well-being and improvement efforts of their schools and departments.  Participants in this program will gain the following insights and practices:

  1. Understand the changing role of the school leader;
  2. Learn how to develop the talents of others;
  3. Explore different types of shared leadership (action research teams, vertical learning communities, leadership teams);
  4. Review various areas for shared leadership (organizational leaders, action research teams, instructional leaders, organizational leaders, operational leaders);
  5. Understand the components for creating collective action to bring about organizational improvement and success;
  6. Learn processes and practices for shared-decision making;
  7. Research problem-solving strategies;
  8. Learn how to sustain a trust-based culture.

Through this program, participants will gain easily applied knowledge about an inquiry-based approach for sharing leadership that inspires commitment for continuous improvement in all  stakeholder groups.

Format: Seminars, workshops, webinars, individual and team coaching, and customized learning opportunities designed to support and enhance current district/school programs and structures related to this topic.

Participants: PK-12 teachers and staff, district and school administrators

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