Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization

Description: Organizations, including schools, know that the current method of operating may be woefully inadequate when facing the significant disruptions in technologies, politics, economies, communications, and the changing demographics impacting the world. Today’s changes are swift, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (Kegan, Lahey et al, 2016).

The result is a shifting work landscape, characterized by changing work, changing workforces, and changing work expectations. In order to cope with these dramatic shifts, innovative organizations are looking to new structures like the approach suggested for Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO). In DDOs, redesigned and structured workplaces are created to maximize human development.

One premise of a DDO is that work provides the ideal context for people and organizations to interdependently develop and flourish. The workplace is repurposed to challenge & support people and teams in overcoming limitations & becoming more capable versions of themselves through work.

Through this program, participants will learn the following skills and concepts:

• The science and beliefs behind the practices of being a DDO
• The specific practices and processes evident in DDOs
• Changes to the traditional ways of operating in an organization to become a DDO

Format: Presentations, coaching, individual/team/staff application of concepts, inquiry, apprenticing with concepts, coaching of individuals and groups, research to support the work undertaken, written materials to support staff development, customized support

Participants: Leadership teams, Senior staff (district, school)

“In Deliberately Developmental Organizations the workplace is repurposed to challenge and support people and teams in overcoming limitations and becoming more capable versions of themselves through work.”

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