Designing and Implementing a Continuous Learning Framework

Description: One of the challenges schools, complex areas, and departments of education face is they lack a systemic plan and process that operates over time to integrate the many areas related to teaching, learning, leadership, and governance. As a result, school systems operate in silos as departments and initiatives are disconnected from one another and, therefore, fail to gain the kind of momentum and impact necessary to conduct large-scale, coordinated change. The Continuous Learning Framework aligns planning, implementation, and reporting into a single strategic process where teaching and learning are the focus.

Designing and implementing a Continuous Learning Framework involves working with a team of representatives from all stakeholder groups. Consultants from Kamm Solutions facilitate a comprehensive process to identify direction, integrate various organization departments and initiatives in the district, and write a guide that captures the future direction. During this interactive program, participants will gain a broad understanding of what is involved operating as a unified system.

In Designing and Implementing a Continuous Improvement Framework, participants will learn how to

  • Build a strategic plan and support that plan with all district and school initiatives and processes.
  • Unify district goals with department and school action plans to achieve greater learning for all.
  • Align practices like PLCs, evaluations, improvement plans, curriculum design, communication pathways, and professional learning opportunities under one connected system.

Click this link for additional information: Continuous Learning Framework.

You can also read more about this strategic planning approach in Activate: A Leader’s Guide to People, Practices, and Processes. See Chapter 11 by Dr. Connie Kamm.

Format: To build a Framework requires multiple meetings. For an overview of the Framework, the following options are available: seminars, workshops, and customized learning opportunities designed to support and enhance current district/school programs and structures related to this topic.

Participants: School board members, district and school administrators, PK-12 teachers,  parents, and community members.

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