Support and Guidance for Lowest Performing Schools (SEA and LEA Support Under ESSA)

As part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), each state’s department of education, is required to create a comprehensive support and improvement process for the lowest-performing five percent of all schools receiving Title I, Part A funds.  This includes all public high schools in the state failing to graduate one third or more of their students and schools with one or more “consistently under performing” subgroups of students.

The experts at Kamm Solutions have a wealth of expertise and a track record of success for closing achievement gaps and improving student outcomes.  Our staff members can assist in crafting your statewide plan or provide direct technical assistance to schools to exit the improvement process. See our programs under Learning and Leading for greater detail.

Format: Seminars, workshops, webinars, individual and team coaching, and customized learning opportunities designed to support and enhance current district/school programs and structures related to this topic.

Participants: State, district, and school leaders, PK-12 teachers, other stakeholder groups directly connected to the topic

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