Coaching for Success

Evidence shows that coaching, when done effectively, is one of the most beneficial practices for promoting teaching and learning.  For this reason, Kamm Solutions offers a strong coaching program as part of its repertoire for professional learning.  Through Kamm Solutions, coaching  is scaffolded starting with learning concepts and skills. Participants next move through a continuum of understanding, modeling, practice and feedback, and finally, study teams.  A gradual release of responsibility is implemented through direct instruction, followed by practice, feedback, reflection, and adjustment.

This comprehensive and interactive program on Coaching for Success addresses the many benefits of coaching, both strategic and interpersonal.  For example, strategic benefits of coaching include the following:

  • Motivates people
  • Promotes initiative and accountability
  • Improves skills
  • Encourages people to take responsibility
  • Provides structure, guidance and focus

Interpersonal benefits of coaching include the following:

  • Increases ability to change
  • Improves confidence and decision-making
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Alleviates performance fears and anxieties

In Coaching for Success, participants will hone their skills as coaches. They will gain a deeper understanding and develop a model for coaching to implement in their own schools/districts based on the research, theory, demonstrations, practices, and feedback received during this program.

Format: Seminars, workshops, individual and team coaching, and customized learning opportunities designed to support and enhance current district/school programs and structures related to this topic.

Participants: PK-12 teachers and staff, district and school administrators

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