Providing and Receiving Effective Feedback

Description: Feedback is one of the most pivotal and frequently implemented strategies in organizations across the world. Feedback promotes learning by providing clear information about how one is doing in an effort to meet a goal. It is not an evaluation or advice; rather, effective feedback is a dialogue, not a one-way communication. Feedback occurs in day-to-day encounters with the intent of reducing the gap between where a person is currently performing and where that person is striving to perform. Emerging research shows that succinct feedback ranks among the top criteria for impacting achievement.

The use of feedback is important at all levels in education including with district and school administrators, teachers, staff, and students. During this interactive program, participants will gain important skills as they learn to provide and receive feedback for the purpose of improving their own and others’ performance.

In Providing and Receiving Feedback, participants will learn

  • Research implications to inform their use of feedback
  • Individual and group skills for providing and receiving feedback
  • Strategies for using feedback to promote student achievement

This highly interactive program provides an opportunity for participants to build a toolkit of strategies to be used when providing and receiving feedback.

Formats Available for This Program: Seminars, workshops, individual and team coaching, and customized learning opportunities designed to support and enhance current district/school programs and structures related to this topic.

Participants: PK-12 teachers and district and school administrators

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