Establishing A Vision

One of the responsibilities of leadership is to shape, communicate, and support a vision, mission, and values for the school and district community. A common vision unifies an organization and captures a vivid picture of a preferred future. It answers the question: Where are we headed?  An organization’s mission supports the vision and communicates the purpose of the organization – why it exists.  The values of an organization answer the questions “How are we going to behave toward one another? What do we value?”

Understanding the Formative Learning Process

This is where we describe the chart and explain it. We want viewers to understand it and be curious about the process. We won’t give away the kitchen but rather we will help them get excited about it and want to learn more.

Downloadable Digital Resources

Our team has built the following guide to provide you with the resources that you and all educators will need as our community embraces the formative cycle of teaching and learning.



This video from Edutopia demonstrates the impact that specific feedback can have on moving learning forward. It also illustrates the benefit of continuous formative assessments for teachers and students.

Austin’s Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work

This video posted on Vimeo illustrates the impact of multiple opportunities for success on student work as well as the power of specific feedback to enhance learning and improve performance.

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